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How much can I earn with Herbalife? Four income opportunities

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

As with all Direct Selling and Multi-level marketing businesses it's not possible to assess how much you will be earning as you income is strictly linked to the success of your business. What we can say is that the more you put in the more you will be able to get back as you build your team and business and sell products.

What we can certainly explain here are the four ways in winch you will be able to earn from as you develop your business. Work on facilitating the multiplication of your downline and will have higher earning potentials. For instance, if you have four direct distributors in your downline and each of them recruits two distributors or clients, then your organisation grows, so do your earning potentials.

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1. Profit on Retail:

As a Herbalife Member, you may purchase at Wholesale discount of 25% to 50%. As your Volume increases, this discount will increase up to a maximum of 50% when you qualify as a Supervisor. You earn an immediate Retail Profit of 25% to 50% when you sell these products to customers. The difference between the discounted product price paid by you and the retail price is your Retail Profit.

2. Profit on Wholesale:

(Commissions) In addition to Retail Profit, as a Herbalife Member, you can also earn Wholesale Profit on the products purchased by your downline (Members who you have sponsored). Your Wholesale Profit, also called Commissions, is the difference between the discounted price you pay for products and the discounted price paid by your downline.

3. Royalties:

When you are a Supervisor and have Fully Qualified or Qualifying Supervisors in your first three downline levels, you may then be able to earn Royalty Overrides of 1% to 5% of your Organisation Volume.

4. Bonus:

Once you have qualified as TAB Team, you may be eligible to receive a bonus of between 2% and 7% on your downline Organisation Volume, provided you meet certain requirements.

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