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Herbalife Marketing Plan 2020 Explained

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Everyone likes bargains and saving some money for the products you love. While investing in your health and fitness brings a lot of benefits and help you feel better and more confident, I am sure you would like to understand how you can get more for less when purchasing you Herbalife products.

Understanding the Herbalife Sales and Marketing Plan can be a bit tricky if not properly explained. There are a lot of different opportunities to either increase your discounts rates or start building a business by recruiting clients and distributors underneath your business code and cash in, directly to you bank account, the difference.

Even if you do not feel confortable in becoming an Herbalife distributor, there are a few tricks that you can use to either earn a little cash while obtaining access to preferential prices. As a Herbalife member you can increase the discount you are eligible for from 25% to 35%, then 42% and finally to 50%. Let's get started, when you start you are at a 25% discount; when you reach 500 Volume Points (VP) your order will be purchased at a 35% discount. As you purchase more products your discount will increase, so does it mean you will have to spend a lot of money to purchase a lot of products to get greater discounts? Not really, the smart way is to help other people achieving their health results and you will all be getting greater discounts as their VP will be accounted for towards you total volume points.

CONTACT our Herbalife Wellness Coach and Distributor Andrea NOW to gain all the insights you need to reach higher discount levels with no extra cost

Watch the video below to get more insights on how to increase your discount rates and the earning opportunity.

Whether you want to become a distributor or a preferred member, the above video will show you how to best take advantage of the Herbalife Sales and marketing Plan.


CONTACT our Herbalife Wellness Coach and Distributor Andrea NOW to gain all the insights you need to reach higher discount levels with no extra cost.

Build a Business

Anyone you meet is a potential customer so it’s important to talk to as many people as possible. However, when just getting started, the easiest people to talk to are the people you already know, like your friends, family and work colleagues. Why don't you start your wellness journey with a friend or family members so that you both will be getting healthier with less money.

This is called your Circle of Influence. Why? Because they know you, you already have a relationship developed and a level of trust and influence with them. Approach these conversations as if you are inviting them to a party or a gathering. Just be relaxed! After all, it’s easy to bring a friend into a nice social environment like a Nutrition Club, Healthy Active Lifestyle Activity or Shake Party.

So where do you start? One of the easiest ways to start talking is to reach out to contacts via phone, email or Facebook. Everyone you know is contactable at the click of a button and it’s never been easier to get in touch with each other.

Some people may say no

As you speak with people, you'll find some are simply not interested. Don't spend longer than you need to with them, instead spend more time with your target market - those that are open and interested. You'll find the majority of people will fall into this group.

When people do say no to you, remember they are not rejecting you personally, they are simply not yet ready to take on a healthy, active lifestyle change.

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