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Become a Distributor

Start Earning a Part-Time Income, Build Your Empire and Make Money

Buy the Herbalife Member Pack To Start Selling

Your Success Is Our Own Success!

At HerbalFitFix we firmly believe that people have great potentials.  You are worth more, stop working for someone else and start creating your own business.  Start selling Herbalife products and become an expert in the health and wellness industry.  You can now sell online with the help of social media.

Channel your energy to build your own empire. 

Joining Herbalife

To become a Herbalife Distributor you will need to register directly with Herbalife at, via your sponsor (Andrea at HerbalFitFix). In some countries you will have to pay a small fee, which covers the purchase of the starter pack but includes some effective weight loss products to get you started. 


IMPORTANT - However, you will need to be sponsored by an existing Herbalife distributor and get access to the below information:

-Sponsor’s Herbalife ID Number
-First 3 Letters of Sponsor’s Last Name

Without the above information Herbalife will not allow you to become a member. Don't panic, we can sponsor you and provide you with all assistance you need to reach your nutritional and/or business goals. 

To Be Sponsored Drop Us a Note Here On WhatsApp

Or Send Us An Email Here

Get Started:

Step 1 - Contact us here on WhatsApp or via email

Step 2 - Tell us in which country you want to apply why you want to join Herbalife - Then we can discuss how we can support you so that we achieve your goals together 

Step 3 - We get started with your application 
Step 4 - Once you application is pre-approved, then you can complete it at the link  below (IMPORTANT - you will need us to provide you with the below details. 

To start your journey with the World's no. 1 nutritional brand you will need our team to back your application.

Buy Your Herbalife Member Pack (HMP)


  • Earn retail and wholesale profits (25% to 50% mark-up) as you help other reaching either their wellness goals through good nutrition or sourcing other distributors who will grow your organisation exponentially.

  • As you expand your organisation, you will be eligible to earn a further 5% royalty on top of the Herbalife retail and wholesale profits

  • Free access to a personalised portal to buy fresh products directly from the Herbalife warehouse

  • You will be working with us and will provide you all the training you need to succeed 

  • Technical support if you want to operate also online

  • Free support and advises from your Herbalife sponsor, Andrea at HerbalFitFix, to help you grow your client base

  • Herbalife will provide you with local events and training to help you grow your network

  • Leverage the Internet and social medias to grow your network of clients and distributors

  • Work from anywhere in the world

Work Towards Your Financial Freedom, Help Us Help You Build Your Business

Your Success Is Our Organisation's Success!!
Contact - Join Herbalife
Interested in Joining Herbalife? Get in touch for one-to-one support with NO obligation
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