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  • How do I join Herbalife?
    Herbalife nutrition is the world's #1 nutrition brand with millions of customers in more than 94 countries around the world. To join Herbalife you will need to be sponsored by a Herbalife member and join under his/her code. In most countries this can be done either online at with your sponsor's details or over the phone. It's easy, for more details drop us a note here and will advise further. With regards to costs, Herbalife require you to pay a small fee (depending on country of residency) which includes some health products to get you started with your wellness journey.
  • Do I need to sell products to be a Herbalife member?
    Herbalife does not require you to sell any products at all, it is purely up to you if you wish to start earning a part-time income by selling products and/or enrolling people under your code. Whether you want to join Herbalife as a Preferred Member or Distributor you do not have a minimum monthly order to take advantage of preferential discounts and being able to by directly from Herbalife.
  • How do I start buying Herbalife products at a discount?
    Herbalife is a direct selling company which means that authorised and genuine products can only be purchased directly from them or from an authorised Herbalife Member Distributor. To take advantage of discounts however, you can join as a Preferred Member and purchase products at a initial preferential sales rate between 22% and 25% (depending on country of residency), this can rise to 35% and 42% in accordance to consumption. In the United kingdom you will be able to enjoy a 25% discount right away. If you join as a Distributor you will start with a 25% discount and this can rise to 50%.
  • I want to become an Herbalife Distributors, in which ways can I earn money?"
    When you become a Distributor you can earn money principally in four different ways: 1-Profit on Retail 2-Profit on Wholesales 3-Royalties earnings 4-Bonus Learn more here.
  • Can I buy Herbalife products online?
    Yes you can, either by becoming a preferred Member or Distributor or at our authorised sister UK e-commerce (UK only) with fast shipping.
  • Is there any gluten-free products, for vegan and lactose intolerants?"
    Yes, discover the lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan-friendly options here*. * All ingredients in the Herbalife products are clearly labelled. Make sure you read carefully to choose the products to suits your dietary requirements.
  • Does Herbalife only sell protein shakes?
    No, Herbalife is the World's leader nutrition brand and has a wide range of wellness product supplements for your inner and outer nutrition. Please see below the UK product range: 1-Weight Management for weight loss and weight gain 2-Herbalife 24 - Sports nutrition for fitness fanatics, active people and amateur 3-For Intolerant and Vegan Shake Supplements - A range of protein shakes and meal replacements for every need 4-Protein Snacks - Protein bars, special powders and meal replacements 5-Supplements - A range of key vitamins and minerals supplements to suit all you all specific needs 6-Herbalife Skin - Discover the leading anti-aging products skin range 7-Herbal Aloe - Body, hand and facial cream, shampoo, conditioner and many more.
  • How can HerbalFitFix help me achieve my wellness goals?
    At HerbalFitFix you can rest assured you will be getting all of the assistance needed to reach your wellness goals. If you join Herbalife under our team will provide you with free support and answer all the questions you may have to get the most of the Herbalife products range. In addition to it you will get: 1-Meal plans with the Herbalife products in your diet 2-Free consultation 3-Guidance on how you can increase your discounts 4-And more. Your success is our success, so you can count on us!
  • How can I grow Herbalife business with HerbalFitFix?
    If you want to learn how to start selling Herbalife products, you can count on our 100% commitment to support you in your business journey. HerbalFitFix we will make sure you get all of the information needed to become more confident, grow your earnings and join the numerous training available around in your country. Are you good with social medias and have a passion for selling online? That is great, talk to us and we can start developing your business together.
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