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Our Story

Help the most number of people to reach their wellness goal through good nutrition

We are on a mission to help more and more people to start loving themselves by reaching their wellness goal through good nutrition. ​

In 2011 my partner and I were overweight, had little energy and lack tremendously of self-confidence.  We struggled to re-balance our nutrition and achieve any result. We knew we have to do something!!! All of a sudden everything changed as we were introduced to the world of Herbalife and told that the Herbalife nutrition product range could help us achieve our fitness and wellness goals. 

Following the achievement of fantastic results we decided that we could help other people to reach their fitness and wellness goals too, so we set up HerbalFitFix to help improve the life and wellness of as many people as possible globally.

What a journey it has been, our community has grown tremendously and now we continue to support and mentor lots of people worldwide. 

Business Opportunity

Whilst helping others we started earning an income when selling Herbalife products face-to-face and online.  We used to both work everyday, all day and we had little time to spend together.  We now have hundreds of customers and a team of distributors globally from which we earn wholesale and retail profits, plus royalties as they continue to expand their teams.  

Find out how you can earn from selling Herbalife wellness and fitness supplements.

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