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Join millions of happy and healthy customers. Discover how the Herbalife products range can help you lose or gain weight, feel more energised, support your fitness nutrition and increase your confidence as you become a better version of yourself.

Herbalife nutrition with the best protein powder, liquid aloe and the fat burning tea is the best diet to lose weight fast.


Start selling products face-to-face or/and online in more than 90 countries with Herbalife.  Access great sales plans to earn an initial 25% mark-up, (it can rise to 50%), and royalties from your organisation as it grows with our free support. 

Become a Herbalife member and start this quick weight loss diet plan.


Join our team and start working towards your financial freedom.  There are four different ways of earning from selling Herbalife products and creating a team.  Find out more here.  Take the plunge today, the wellness and fitness industry is set to grow dramatically.  

Female Business Owners

The Herbalife Product Range

The best meal replacement shakes that you can find on the market is Herbalife.  Power your fitness and diet with this protein shake.

Weight Loss

Meal replacements, protein supplements and more.

The best beauty products for your skin which help you with your haircare too.  The Herbalife hand and body lotions are the best products in the market.

Beauty Care

Herbal Aloe based  products for your hair care and general skin care.

Re-build your muscle after working out with Herbalife24, the best gym supplements and protein powder.

Sports Nutrition

Increase your endurance and build muscle mass.

Herbalife Skin products range to rjuvenate and hydrate your skin.

Skin Care

Moisturise, rejuvenate and hydrate your skin. Remove spots and make it glowing.

Get your self-confidence back

Herbalife fitness woman who have been following the Herbalife weight loss and fitness plan to reach her wellness goals.
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