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Herbalife Membership

Lose Weight With Little Cost - Up to 50% Off

Join millions of people around the world and start getting in shape now, with Herbalife it's easy.  Learn how we can help and how effective the erbalife diet is to lose weight and feel great again. The Herbalife product range ​will help you succeed fast and reach your wellness and fitness goal quickly.  Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, someone looking to drop/gain weight or simply feel better and more energised.

Lose Weight Fast - Buy the Herbalife Member Pack

How Can We Help?

Our key purpose is to empower our members to become a better version of themselves through great nutrition. To become a member you will need to register directly with Herbalife at, via your sponsor (Andrea at HerbalFitFix).


In some countries you will have to pay a small fee, which covers the purchase of the starter pack but includes some effective weight loss products to get you started. 

What Do You Need?

Your Herbalife Sponsor's Details:

  • Sponsor's Herbalife ID: Contact us for details

  • Sponsor's surname (first three letters): Contact for details

To become a Herbalife Preferred Member or a Herbalife Distributor you will need our team to sponsor you.

Contact Us Here 



  • Fast and sustainable results

  • Buy directly from Herbalife at a discount rate starting from 22-25% to 50%, depending on your consumption level

  • Free access to a personalised portal provided by Herbalife from which you can purchase from Herbalife warehouses

  • Free support and advises from your Herbalife sponsor, Andrea at HerbalFitFix, to help you reach your wellness goal​

  • Free meal plans and fitness programmes (fitness videos)

  • Free support to help you save more money and achieve greater discounts when purchasing Herbalife products

Only you can change your life, do not procrastinate, help us help you today

Contact - Join Herbalife
Interested in Joining Herbalife? Get in touch for one-to-one support with NO obligation
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